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Water Conservation (Save Water) – LONG ESSAY ON SAVE WATER

Water Conservation (Save Water) – LONG ESSAY ON SAVE WATER — ESSAY


As most of us understand that water gives us life and other living things on the ground. With no water, we can’t envision the presence of life on earth. Earth is the only known world till date that has life and water, hence it will become crucial for all of us to preserve this resource that’s the foundation of existence.

The ground is covered with approximately 71 percent of water nevertheless only 1 percent is appropriate for drinking. The standard cycle of water equilibrium runs naturally like rain and evaporation. On the other hand, the issue is with the access to safe drinking water around the earth that’s offered in a less amount and this is exactly what exactly the conservation of water comes from the image.

Why we should Save Water

To be able to understand the response of why we ought to conserve water, first we ought to know the value of water and water is precious to us in our own lives. Life isn’t possible with air, food and water. However, above all, after water is the 2nd most valuable in each of the three requirements for survival of life.

According to the figures, it’s been estimated that less than 1 percent of water in the world is acceptable for drinking. If we estimate that the proportion of drinking water along with complete population of earth, it’d be, over a thousand of people all around the planet are residing about 1 gallon of water daily.

Water Conservation (Save Water) – LONG ESSAY ON SAVE WATER

Though people have begun understanding the worth of fresh water, but they’ve not begun to conserve water. Saving water is a great habit and each one of us ought to strive their best to conserve water to the continuation of life on this world. Few years ago nobody guessed that water could be sold on stores but now it has come to be a frequent scenario. We can certainly envision , in the long run there could be shortage of sterile water all around the world so water conservation is the only alternative if we wish to avert this circumstance.

Some Facts about the Importance of Clean Water

Below are some Details which will Allow You to know how Precious the Wash water is:

  • Developing countries are more inclined to water borne ailments.
  • Printing of paper for one day absorbs around 300 litres of water.
  • Every 15 seconds a child dies because of water born disease on earth.
  • The packed drinking water company is anticipated to reach $216 billion by 2025 worldwide.
  • Men and women in the rural cities of India, Africa and Asia need to go long distances so as to find drinking water.
  • Individuals in India tremendously suffer from several water born diseases which prices the market to a wonderful extent.

Ways to Save Water

There are just a few simple ways which helps to conserve water without altering the way you live. Single individual in a house absorbs around 60-100 litres of water daily from the family actions. Just 2.5percent of the entire water intake is used for cooking and drinking daily basis and remainder of the water is utilized in different tasks such as watering crops, toilet use, bathing, washing, cleansing etc and when we marginally lower our intake in these types of tasks then we could certainly save a fantastic quantity of water.

A Few of These water saving Hints are as follows:

  • Everybody should know their personal responsibility and attempt to conserve water as much as they could in their everyday pursuits.
  • Rainwater Harvesting is among the very best way where we could utilize rain water in a variety of functions and also help replenish ground water.
  • Consistently use washing machines and dishwashers with complete capability since this cuts unnecessary clogs between.
    Use bucket rather than shower to take tub, it conserves 100-150 gallons of water each single day.
  • Water the plants in the day so it will not get disappeared and can be used from the plant.
  • Switch off taps snugly wherever you see it operating and instantly report water leakage into the concerned department.
    We ought to encourage our family , kids, friends, neighbors and co-workers to perform exactly the same out of their end to find the favorable outcome.

Water Conservation (Save Water) – LONG ESSAY ON SAVE WATER

This advice will surely help save water but the most essential issue is it needs to be followed rigorously. Aside from such things we ought to also teach people and make them conscious about the value of water. We should make them understand that water is infrequent in character and it needs to be conserved rather than wasted to get a better tomorrow.


It’s not just important for us but it’s also vital for all of the living species, trees and plants. It’s likewise critical for the sustenance of all biodiversity of the planet and also for food series. The number of fresh water is quite restricted and it’s majorly accessible rivers, lakes and ground water. Therefore it’s important for us that we preserve it so it stays available in the long run too.

The pollution and contamination of water is a frequent situation nowadays that lessens the quality of water also makes it unfit for drinking. It’s our prime duty that we ought to stop this and spread the word ‘SAVE WATER’ so that we are able to conserve among the most precious and crucial tools not just for now but also for our future generations.

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