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How to make Festival Wishing Website ?

To make festival wishing script you have to follow these instructions step by step ,How to make free Viral Festival Wishing Website. Now click on create a new blog button. Now in Dashboard left sidebar menu, click on Theme Button, scroll down a page and in the bottom one option 'Revert to classic themes' Just Click on them.

How to make Festival Wishing Website ?

Hello friends, in this post, we will tell you what is Festival Wishing Website Kaise Banaye (How to Make Festival Wishing Website), what is Festival Wishing Web App, what is its use, what does it use, how to download free Wishing Website script To know all this, you have to read this post completely, only then you can understand it.

India is a country of festivals, due to which festivals keep coming from time to time and in this era of technology, everyone wishes their friends relatives on social media, if you create an ANC website and share it with the people who celebrate When on a festival, it makes it easy to viral on Whats App or other social media, along with it, if you use Ads for your Earning, then you can also do good Earning.

Earlier on a festival, people used to give Greeting Cards to each other. The festival wishes site is also exactly like these Grating Card but the difference is that it is used online and due to the Whats App, now the Festival Wishing Website is being made to share on the Special Whats App, so that Chances of being viral increases.

What is a Festival Wishing Website or Web App

Festival Wishing Web App is a type of website that is created with the help of Coding to do a Wish on a festival. All such websites also use Coding along with Animation, Image and Gif File and it can be used by people. Share is also done and liked. The reason for liking it is the fast loading speed of the design and website according to its festival.

If you use Whats App, then you must also have a link to the Festival Wishing Website on which the sender’s name is and he congratulates you on the festival. On this you also have the feature of adding a name, on which you can share your friends by typing your name.

Festival Wishing Web App is mostly made according to the mobile phone itself, because most users use Whats App on mobile and such website on Whats App quickly becomes viral.

Can you earn money from Festival Wishing Website?

Festival Web App is made according to different festivals, but the purpose of these is only to earn money. If you look at these websites, then you have some ads in them, from which money is earned and if your website becomes viral. So good earning can be done from it.

What is required for Festival Wishing Website ?

To create your Festival Wishing Website, you will need Hosting, Domain and Website Script, in addition to this you can also use Google Blogger for Wishing website for free without hosting and if you want to use hosting, then you need to Keep in mind that you will need an ANC hosting, which can be found at work even on high traffic.

If you have Singal Page Script of HTML, then you can use it on Blogger Blog, so that you will not need hosting.

If you do not have any knowledge of Coding then you can download Script Free but in this you can use Google Adsense to track it and Google Adsense or you have affiliate marketing or other Advertise Website. .

How to Make Festival Wishing Website ?

If you want to create your own Festival Wishing Website Script code, then you must have knowledge of Web Programming Language as you must have knowledge of Css, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP and along with that you should have Google Adsense Verify Account. But if you have advertisements from any other Ad Company, then you can also use them.

If you do not have any knowledge of Coding, you can still make your Festival Wishing Website, but you should have all this information to make a festival website, which is being told about you further-

  • Festival Wishing Website Script – This is the code of the website, which you must have, Html Css, Java Script, PHP is used to create this website script. If you have knowledge of these Coding then you can create it but if you do not have the knowledge of Coding, then you can also download this script in Free and Earning by placing your Ads on that script.
  • Web Hosting – You will need to host the website for online uploading, because only on uploading online, another person can access it. Web Hosting stores your website data online so that you can use it online. If you have a Singal File in Html Format, then you can upload it in Blogger.
  • Domain – Domain name is required to open the website. Domain is the web address of your website, so that a user can access your website. If you want to buy a domain for a festival wishing website, then you should buy a domain that can be used in all festivals.

Download at Festival Wishing Website script Free

In this post, if we were to give you information about Coding to make a Web App, then it would take a lot of time, so either you have to learn Programming Language or you can download Free Script, if you like the Festival Wishing Website given below, then you can do it Can download If you do not have a Google Adsense Account, then you can put other Ads on it.

If you download this Wishing Web App, then you will need to edit it and apply Google analytics code, Ads. You can also change this script according to different festivals.

Download Wishing Script

What to do after downloading Festival Wishing Website Script

If you download the Web App Script, then after this you have to add the tracking code of your Google Adsense Ads and Google Analytics Account on this web app, after this you can share it with your friends and if on your Ad If click occurs, you can earn money.

When you download this web app, you get a zip file, you have to extract this zip file, after this you will have to show two files of notepad on it and you have to add your Adsense ad on these files only. .

Can Google Adsense Disable from Festival Wishing Website?

If you use Google Adsense on the Festival Wishing Website, then the Adsense Account can be disabled due to your mistake, but it is all up to you because if you use Google Adsense Ad on the website properly then there will be no such problem. And for this you have to keep these things in mind-

  1. You should use at least Ad.
  2. If you are using Hosting then Google Adsense can ask you for Ads.txt File Upload but it is not necessary that you have to add Google Adsense Publisher Id to this file and upload it to Hosting with Script .
  3. You should also use some content in Script.
  4. Add the ads in the right place.

Hope you have liked the information given in the How To Make Festival Wishing Website Post, if you have any Questing related to this post, then you can ask us in the comment that all possible help will be given to you.

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